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Give your clients information on what Aquatek Coatings is all about with our Tri-Fold Brochures! Easily display these at your shop or showroom in any standard brochure display.


  • Informative Content: Educates your clients about Aquatek Coatings products.


  • Convenient Format: Tri-fold design for easy reading and display.


  • Display-Ready: Fits standard brochure displays in shops or showrooms.


  • Exclusive to Authorized Installers: Only available to Aquatek Authorized Installers.

Aquatek Tri-Fold Brochures 25 pack

  • Client Education Tool: These brochures are designed to provide comprehensive information about Aquatek Coatings, making them an excellent resource for clients looking to understand more about the products and services you offer.


    Tri-Fold Design: The tri-fold layout of the brochure makes it compact yet detailed, offering a structured and engaging way to present information. This format is user-friendly and encourages clients to read through the content.


    Perfect for Physical Displays: The size and shape of the brochures are compatible with standard brochure displays, making them ideal for placement in shops, showrooms, or at reception desks where they can attract attention and inform visitors.


    Exclusive Availability: These brochures are offered exclusively to Aquatek Authorized Installers, ensuring that they are a special resource for those affiliated with Aquatek Coatings.

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