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We designed Gleam to be applied to wet surfaces during the wash process. To provide hydrophobic effect and protection using our glass coating technology. This Si02 based wet application coating will prolong the durability of existing coatings when used after each wash. WIth Gleam, the surface is slicker, glossier and the beading is more pronounced. We designed Gleam to be a fast and easy protective sealant that can be used on both coated and non-coated surfaces, giving up to 3 months of protection. 


When we designed Gleam, we wanted something that can be used to maintain an existing coating that would fast, easy and hassle-free. Because no one likes using a hazy, streaky product. We hghly recommend using Gleam after washing with Reflex for the ultimate coating maintenance wash. Gleam is great to spray on all exterior surfaces such as glass, wheels, trim, you name it. In true Aquatek Coatings fashion, Gleam is sophisticatedly simple and easy. 

Gleam Hydro Application Sealant 32oz

    1. Shake well before using
    2. Properly wash the vehicle and rinse prior to applying Gleam
    3. Apply Gleam to wet surface, spraying a light even mist over each panel. Working panel per panel is recommended. 
    4. For best results, after spraying the panel with Gleam, using a clean microfiber towel, work Gleam into the wet panel surface.
    5. Do not allow Gleam to dry on the surface
    6. Rinse immediately with clean water. 
    7. Dry vehicle properly once the entire vehicle is completely treated and rinsed. 
    8. For additional protection and performance, follow up with a light mist of SYNTH on each panel. Follow directions for applying SYNTH. 
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