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  • What is the difference between an Authorized Installer and an Enthusiast?
    Authorized Installers are certified installers with AQUATEK Coatings. Authorized Installers have access to our entire product line and exclusive bulk size options. If you are interested in applying to be an Authorized Installer, you can find more information here. Our Enthusiasts Store is for individuals who are hobbyists or interested in testing our products prior to applying to be an Authorized Installer. The main difference between the Enthusiasts Store and Authorized Installer Store are limitations in certain products and product sizes. If you are unsure whether you are an Enthusiast or an Authorized Installer, you can always contact us at
  • How do I become an Authorized Installer with Aquatek?
    Please go here to our Apply to Be an Authorized Installer page on our site.
  • I've submitted my inquiry to become an Authorized Installer. What happens next?
    Once you have submitted your inquiry, we will contact you directly via phone call to discuss how we will proceed further and see if you qualify as an Authorized Installer candidate.
  • Does Aquatek offer exclusivity?
    Yes, We take into account several factors to protect our installers in their territory market.
  • Can I offer other coatings in my shop as an Authorized Installer?
    Yes. We do not feel that its fair for companies to pressure installers to just install their coating at their shops.
  • Does Aquatek offer a warranty?
    We do not offer a warranty program. Experienced installers know that warranties for coatings are not worth the paper they are printed on. We will always do right by our installers by providing quality and performance in our products.
  • Do you provide training for new installers?
    We provide initial training on our products and installation processes at no charge to new Aquatek installers.
  • I can't see all of your products or prices to click to buy them.
    Some of our products are exclusively made available to our approved Authorized Installers. You must be an Authorized Installer to login and purchase those products. For non-authorized installers, a select selection of products is available for purchase in our Enthusiasts Store.
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