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With Aquatek BLISS Hydrophobic Enhancer, elevate the hydrophobic effect and gloss of your vehicle's coating for a superior finish and long-lasting protection!


  • Enhanced Hydrophobic Topper: Increases water-repellency on coated surfaces.


  • Unique SiO2 Balm Formula: Designed for exceptional gloss and slickness.


  • Versatile Surface Use: Suitable for paint, glass, and wheels.


  • Long-Lasting Effect: Up to 6 months of enhanced protection.


  • Ideal Pairing with Other Aquatek Coatings: Highly effective when paired with Aquatek Select, GT, or Singular.

Aquatek Bliss Hydrophobic Enhancer

  • Advanced Blended Topper: Aquatek BLISS is engineered as a unique approach to traditional coating toppers. It serves as a blended topper to be applied immediately after a coating, allowing it to blend effectively before the curing process begins. This topper elevates your finish with its glossy and water-resistant formula.


    Unique SiO2 Balm Formula: Although it has the consistency of a wax, BLISS functions more like an SiO2 balm, offering a significant increase in gloss and slickness that can rival other ceramic-based products.


    Multiple Surface Compatibility: BLISS can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including paint, glass, and wheels, making it a versatile option for enhancing your vehicle's appearance and protection.


    Enhanced Durability: Designed to last for up to 6 months, BLISS provides long-term hydrophobic effects, especially on areas prone to losing their water-repellency over time.


    Optimal for Aquatek Coatings: It is particularly effective when used in conjunction with Aquatek Select, GT, or Singular coatings, adding an extra layer of protection and shine.

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