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The Autofiber Saver Applicator Thin 12 Pack is an essential tool for those seeking efficient and effective coating application for large vehicle panels!


  • Specific Design for Coating Application: Ideal for Aquatek Coatings.


  • Optimized for Large Surfaces: Widely favored by professional installers for large painted panels.


  • Industry Efficient: Top choice for professional installers for its application efficiency.


  • Patented Barrier Layer: Reduces product absorption, saving up to 50% of the product.


  • Dual Color Design: Assists in tracking which side is used during application.


  • Quality Microfiber Material: 260 GSM, 70/30 blend microfiber for a smooth application.


  • Convenient Size: Each pad measures 5" x 3.5" x 1".


  • Pack Quantity: Available in a pack of 12 applicators.

Autofiber Saver Applicator Thin 12 pack

  • Optimized for Coating Application: Autofiber Saver Applicators are specifically chosen for their compatibility with Aquatek Coatings. Their design ensures optimal application of the product for both professional and personal use.


    Optimized for Large Areas: The Autofiber Saver Applicator Thin is particularly effective for applying coatings on large painted panels, ensuring even and thorough coverage.


    Highly Regarded in the Industry: These applicators are considered the top choice among many professional installers due to their efficiency and effectiveness in applying coatings.


    Innovative Barrier Layer Technology: The patented barrier layer within these applicators significantly reduces product wastage. It prevents the coating from soaking through the microfiber layer into the sponge, thereby conserving up to 50% of the product used.


    Practical Design: The dual color design is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional, helping users to keep track of which side of the applicator has been utilized, thereby maximizing efficiency.


    Superior Microfiber Quality: Made from a 260 GSM, 70/30 blend microfiber, these applicators have hidden edges to ensure a smooth, safe, and lint-free application on delicate surfaces.


    Perfect Dimensions for Ease of Use: The size of 5" x 3.5" x 1" makes these applicators easy to handle, allowing for efficient application over larger areas without causing hand fatigue.

  • Material: 70/30 blend microfiber, 260 GSM.


    Size: 5" x 3.5" x 1" per applicator.


    Pack Contents: 12 Autofiber Saver Applicator Thins.

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