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Experience enhanced visibility and protection with Clarity Window Glass Coating. Say goodbye to challenging sightlines and enjoy the clear view ahead!


  • Impressive Hydrophobic Properties: Ensures water beads off easily.


  • Ease of Cleaning: Effortlessly removes bugs, droppings, etc.


  • Long-Lasting Protection: Up to 6 months for outdoor vehicles, 15 months for garage-parked.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Specially formulated for clearer vision under harsh conditions.


  • Slicker Surface: Reduces wiper blade chattering and makes cleaning easier.


  • Easy Application: Simple process for both our Enthusiasts and Authorized Installers.

Clarity Window Glass Coating

  • Superior Hydrophobic Effect: Clarity is engineered to offer remarkable hydrophobic properties. Watch as water beads and rolls off your glass surfaces effortlessly, providing clearer visibility during stormy weather, all while looking good.


    Advanced Cleaning Ease: One of the key benefits of Clarity is its ability to make cleaning simpler and more effective. Whether it's bugs, bird droppings, or other stubborn marks, the slick finish of Clarity ensures they can be cleaned off without a hassle.


    Durable Protection: Clarity is designed to last. Outdoor vehicles are covered for up to 6 months, while those kept in garages can enjoy up to 15 months of protection. This durability ensures your vehicle's windows remain protected for long periods of time.


    Optimized for Visibility: In challenging weather conditions, visibility is paramount. Clarity is formulated to enhance your sightline, providing a clearer and safer driving experience, especially under harsh conditions.


    Reduced Wiper Blade Chatter: The unique formula of Clarity makes it slicker than typical window coatings. This quality not only aids in cleaning but also minimizes the chattering of wiper blades, leading to a smoother, quieter operation on your vehicle.


    User-Friendly Application: Applying Clarity is straightforward and hassle-free. It's designed for easy application, ensuring that you can achieve clearer vision with minimal effort. Whether you are an enthusiast or professional installer, applying Clarity to your vehicle is a breeze.

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