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There's masking tape used for machine polishing, and then there's this stuff! This masking tape is not your ordinary tape. The adhesive is safe to use on even the most delicate of surfaces without leaving residue. Can be easily be machine polished over without the typical curling of the edges that happens with most masking tapes on the market. This tape is extremely easy to use and makes masking tough angles and tricky shapes very easy due to its unique design for maneuvarability. Comes in 3 sizes, 


- 6 mm x 18 meters

- 18 mm x 18 meters

- 30 mm x 18 meters


18mm size comes in a sleeve of 7 rolls, 30mm size comes in a sleeve of 4 rolls and 6mm is sold individually per roll. 


This could possibly be the best masking tape you've ever used!

Paint Correction Masking Tape

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