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Maintenance is key to keeping any coating performing at its optimal level. We've made things a whole lot easier with one simple wash. Is your coating not beading like it used to? Introducing Reflex, the fast and easy way to bring back to life. Reflex is designed to cleanse the surface both coated and non coated leaving behind a thin layer of protection that can last up to 30 days. 


Reflex has unique sudsing technology that safely removes light contaminants while being gentle on paint. Unlike some wash coat products, Reflex does not leave a hazy surface behind. Reflex has been designed to leave a haze-free surface when used properly. Reflex can be applied conventionally with a wash mitt or with a foam cannon. Please note that Reflex is not designed to be a traditional foam cannon soap, Reflex is purposely designed to be a low sudsing soap. Follow Reflex with Aquatek Gleam and you have one awesome coating maintenance duo! 



Reflex Hydrophobic Wash 32oz

    1. Shake well before using
    2. Do not use in direct sunlight or extremely hot surfaces
    3. Rinse vehicle properly to remove loose and heavy dirt
    4. Use approximately 15 to 20 ml on a wash mitt and gently wash the surface. 
    5. When using a foam cannon, use slightly more for a foamier application. 
    6. Make sure to work Reflex well and evenly onto the surface with a wash mitt. 
    7. Rinse properly with clean water.
    8. For additional protection and durability, apply Aquatek Gleam after rinsing. Apply Gleam and follow up with a final rinse. 
    9. Do not allow Reflex to dry onto the surface. 
    10. Dry the vehicle properly using a drying towel using a blotting method. 
    11. Reflex is safe to use on all exterior surfaces. 
    12. Aquatek SYNTH may be used once the surface is properly dried for additional gloss and hydrophobic effect. 
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