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Elevate your vehicle's protection and finish with SYNTH Maintenance Spray, an essential tool for maintaining and enhancing your coating's hydrophobic and protective properties!


  • Advanced SiO2 Protection: Enhance overall performance to other coatings such as Aquatek Singular, Select, and GT. Offers additional protection against harsh chemicals.


  • Curing Aid: Safeguards curing coatings from potential damage or contamination.


  • Enhanced Hydrophobic Effect: Boosts water repellency on coated surfaces.


  • Smooth Finish: Enjoy an aesthetically slick surface on your vehicle.


  • 30-Day Durability: Designed to last and maintain protection for a month.

SYNTH Maintenance Spray 16oz

  • Protective SiO2 Technology: SYNTH is formulated as a maintenance spray, providing an advanced SiO2 protective layer over coatings such as Aquatek Singular, Select, and GT, enhancing overall performance and offering an additional layer of protection against the elements.


    Aid in Curing Process: SYNTH acts as a protective membrane during the curing process of coatings, safeguarding against potential damage or contamination.


    Highly Hydrophobic: Enhance the hydrophobicity mark of your coating with SYNTH. This maintenance spray ensures water repellency and keeps the coatings underneath long-lasting.


    Smooth and Slick Finish: Upon application, SYNTH leaves a noticeably slick feel on the surface, contributing to the overall aesthetic and protective qualities of the coating.


    Monthly Maintenance: SYNTH is recommended for monthly use to extend the durability and effectiveness of the existing coatings. Regular application is suggested to maintain and reinforce the hydrophobic and protective qualities of the coatings.

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